What is Easy Editor ?

Most of time, programmers prefer to spend time on developing the game instead of creating nit interfaces that would allow artists and game designers to easily visualize game elements and fine-tune it. It is a real production killer.

With Easy Editor , programmers can create nice interfaces with a near to zero coding time!

Easy Editor in 6 questions ?

Who EE was designed for ?

EE was designed for people who want to design nit interfaces in the inspector without bothering writing tons of line of code. This can be very helpful for programmers who need to progress fast on a project but still want to provide a clear interface for artists and designers to give them the right shortcuts to fine-tune the game and optimize the production cost.

What is EE philosophy ?

EE ingenuity relies in its simplicity. It is easily extendable, and its integration in Unity wants to be as natural as possible. Thus, we ensure that EE can easily integrate new features that Unity team could add in the future. This is why EE relies on Unity concepts like PropertyDrawer, SerializedObject, SerializedProperty, EditorScript.

What are the current key features of EE ?

To have a quick idea of what EE can do you can check our visual demo.

To have a complete idea, you can read the online documentation.

Meanwhile, we would like to list some key features here :

  • The possibility to add comments, tooltip and to do basic layout directly from your monobehaviour.
  • A fast way of creating a button in the inspector. A simple [Inspector] added on top of any function allows this (very handy for debugging or finetuning).
  • Fields or groups of fields can be hidden or shown with one line of code, thus allowing the creation of interactive interfaces.
  • Custom serializable classes and structures can be rendered in the inspector with all the Easy Editor features (comment, tooltip, layout, interactivity...). You can even render inline another monobehaviour/scriptable object ! Thus you can modify other objects without looking for them in the scene.
  • An awesome rendering of array properties provided by Rotorz which allows you to reorder your list elements by dragging them, and allows to insert elements at any position in the list.
  • A robust framework, easy to understand and well documented that you can extend with operation you often use in your editor scripts, thus optimizing your code and avoiding rewriting always and always the same code.

Does EE has any impact on my game performances ?

EE is executed only in Unity editor. Nothing will be included in your final build except few attributes you can optionally add into your code. So it is impossible it affects the performances of your game.

How does EE interact with my monobehaviour ?

In Unity project panel, when you right-click on the script corresponding to your monobehaviour and select 'Customize Interface', EE will create an editor script that instantly renders the monobehaviour in the inspector for you. From there you can easiliy customize it with some simple attributes.

If you want to go back to the standard way Unity was rendering your monobehaviour, you just need to delete this editor script. Nothing need to be changed in your own code.

Will EE be maintained and improved ?

We are really eager to receive any of your feedbacks to improve our roadmap and offer to you the best tool to easily create interfaces in the inspector. Please send your suggestions to our support mail.